Website Management

Having a website built is only the first step in successfully promoting your business or organisation.
All websites will require some level of ongoing management and maintenance. In many cases once the site is handed over to the client we will be called in from time to time to make changes to content, add functions and keep the site secure.

Updates starting to get on top of you?
Concerned adding an extension or plugin might break your site?
Don't worry, we're available to help manage your site, and we can also provide training so you can carry out routine maintenance yourself.

We can do this at our hourly rate of £36, we only charge in 10 minute blocks so are cost effective for small tasks.

We're based in Herefordshire and are happy to meet with local businesses, or can arrange online consultations for those further afield.







Content Updates

Nothing that looks worse than a website with out of date content, it doesn't give the right impression to your visitors and search engines soon pick up on outdated references.
We can help you with updating dates, latest news items, staff profiles, or the text and images on your pages.
Perhaps you'd like a new menu item linking to a fresh piece of content, or quickly need a banner announcing some important changes. We can do jobs like these quickly and efficiently, often on the same day.

Joomla Management

Do you need help managing your Jooma site?
We've got over a decade of experience designing and managing websites built using the the popular open source content management system.
If you need a new module on your site to add more functionality, want a regular backup schedule implementing, or are looking for help updating Joomla and it's modules then get in touch.
We're able to offer occasional help if required or carry out monthly checks to ensure everything is running smoothy.

WordPress Management

We can carry out the day to day maintenance to help keep your WordPress website running as it should.
WordPress software updates, backups, and plugin updates can all be carried out as one off tasks.
Maybe you need some content updating, some users adding or and new plugin installing. We can offer advice on what is required and carry out the work speedily.

Magneto Management

Looking to have your Magento website managed?
We can help with all the common requirements such as extension upgrades and configurations, offer advice on adding new features to your store, set up backup procedures or help manage your inventory.
We've worked for a decade with businesses that use Magento for e-commerce and to run in store POS systems, so can help quickly with a wide range of tasks when needed.

Security Updates

Has your site automatically notified you it needs updating?
Have you recently checked the software running your site is up to date?
It's important that periodic security updates are regularly applied to your website. It prevents you becoming vulnerable to hackers and ensures the site keeps running as quickly and smoothly.
Your website should be backed up before applying updates and checked thoroughly afterwards. We can offer peace of mind by applying updates to CMS systems like Joomla and Wordpress, and updating the underlying software on your server.