Website Design And Development

Starting the process of commissioning a new or upgraded website can be daunting. There is lots to think about and web developers can sometimes feel like they are speaking a different language.
We're here to support and guide you through the process, right from choosing a domain name, deciding on content and menu items, and finishing with promoting the site to your customers.
We have a step by step process we like to follow, involving you (as much as you want) at every step of the way without trying to impress you with endless jargon and acronyms.

How much will a website cost? Have a look here for some starting prices.

The Design






The Design Process

We take pride in fully understanding your business or organisation before starting to design your website. We like to meet in person (but can do virtual) and explore what your business does, who your target audience are and what you expect your website to achieve. The design process also involves fully researching your business sector and your competitors before proposing a final design. Websites are about quickly and clearly presenting information to your audience. We think its important to prioritise this and keep fancy distracting features to a minimum.

Responsive Websites

Customers using mobile phones now account for over half of all traffic to websites. It's vital that your website takes this into account.
Information needs to be clearly understood on a small screen and quickly downloaded over mobile networks. If your site is unreadable or slow to load you people won't hang around.
A responsive website will adapt it's layout to the screen size it is being viewed on.
Our design process starts by thinking about how your site will look on smaller screens, so you can be sure your website will be fully responsive.

Small Businesses

We understand small businesses (after all we are one!) and enjoy working with them.
We realise that your website is an important investment and needs to reflect your business and you. We like to build long lasting relationships with our clients and watch their businesses grow.
We're always at the end of an email or call to discuss how your project is going or changes you might need to an existing site.
Being small we are flexible and can often fit in tasks within a matter of hours or days.

Search Engines

You'll want your website to show up well on search engines. We'll work on this right from the initial planning of your site. It's important your site structure is clear, your site works well on mobile phones, content is written with search engines in mind and everything is set up correctly behind the scenes (including meta information and keywords).
We can also register your site with the major search engines, help you with a Google for Business profile and set up Google Adwords campaigns if required.

Content Management

Content management systems allow the website administrators to edit and add content themselves.
If you would like a website that allows you to do this we will work this into your design from the start. It may be you need to write articles, add dates to a calender, make regular changes to your homepage images or run a full e-commerce business from your site.
We can help with all of these using popular CMS systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Shopify and Magento.

Affordable Pricing

Being a small business we have low overheads and can pass those savings onto our customers.
Our basic rate is £36 an hour and we charge in blocks of 10 minutes, so small jobs can work out very affordable.
Designing and building a business site with several pages of content, including a domain name, email addresses and a contact form will start at around £600.
Checking your site for updates and fixing any issues may only take an hour or two every couple of months.